Knowledge and Information Management by Individuals


  • Marzena Świgoń Department of Archive, Library and Information Science, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland)


information management, knowledge management, personal knowledge, personal information, information literacy, information behaviour, knowledge behaviour


 The knowledge economy, globalisation, information technologies have an unquestionable influence on human information behaviour. In the competitive environment, individuals and organizations appreciate the important role of personal knowledge and information.  My concept of knowledge and information management by individuals is based on among others two theories: Personal Information Management (PIM) and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). They were, hitherto, subject of the separate studies. Nevertheless, according to the variety of definitions of PIM and PKM (cited in the article), these concepts are similar and compatible. It seems that we need the integrated approach to PIM and PKM which could be called Personal Knowledge and Information Management (PKIM). This concept is strongly connected with Information Literacy. Some of the empirical studies results in this subject are presented below.