Health Literacy and its Impact on Cancer Care for Patients and Caregivers in Romania


  • Andreea Sumanu University of Bucharest
  • Octavia-Luciana Madge University of Bucharest


health literacy, cancer patients, health information, cancer care, treatment adherence, caregivers, Facebook support groups, Romania


Health literacy plays a critical role in cancer care for patients and caregivers, as it directly influences treatment adherence, patient satisfaction, decision-making, and overall well-being. This study delves into the challenges faced by cancer patients and their caregivers in Romania when processing complex health information and making informed decisions about their care. By employing a questionnaire distributed across three Facebook support groups, the research aims to explore the impact of health literacy on various aspects of cancer care. The findings from this study have the potential to guide the development of strategies to enhance patient education, support, and communication, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and quality of life for both cancer patients and their caregivers. Furthermore, this study sheds light on the distinct challenges encountered by cancer patients and caregivers in Romania, offering valuable insights for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and patient advocacy groups working to address the specific needs of this population.


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