A Correlation Investigation among ResearchGate Metrics of Science Faculties at Central Universities of North-East India through Altmetrics Approach



This paper investigates the correlation of ResearchGate among the faculties of sciences in the central universities of North-East India using Altmetrics approaches. As more innovation is seen and the discipline is in its early stages, the Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology is the primary study area. The study focuses primarily on faculty activities on the ResearchGate platform, which include frequency of publications, citations, research interest, number of followers and followings, and various publication formats. It has also sparked interest in determining the relationships between different ResearchGate metrics. According to the study, most faculties have good citation scores and an average number of publications. The survey analysis reveals a lack of awareness, concentration, and dedication to the development of the disciplines. The result of the investigation shall serve as a pathway for various future goals for self-improvement.

Author Biography

  • AMIT KUMAR, Mizoram University (A Central University)

    Amit Kumar is working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Library and Information Science, Mizoram University (A Central University), Aizawl, India. He has obtained PhD from Mizoram University. Prior to join Mizoram University, he obtained MA in Pol. Sc., MLISc and M.Phil from University of Delhi. More than 35 publications are into his credit with participation in various professional programmes. Dr. Amit Kumar is the recipient of Young Professional Award 2017 by Society for Library Professionals, New Delhi; Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing for the year 2019 and 2020 by different journals. Amit Kumar has conceptualize the paper and prepared the final draft of paper. 


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