Usage of Library Resources and Services by the Nursing Students: A case study of College of Nursing, RIMS, Imphal


  • Mm Yashir Ahamed Department of Library and Information Science. Mizoram University


Medical college libraries play a significant role in the dissemination of knowledge not only in the field of medical science but also in paramedical sciences too. The present study aimed to ascertain the frequency of the library visit, the purpose of library visits, and mostly used library resources and services available in the Central Library of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences(RIMS), Imphal. A questionnaire was distributed among the students of the College of Nursing, RIMS, Imphal. A total number of 100 questionnaires were distributed of which 86 filled questionnaires were received back. The collected data were analysed using MS Excel to draw inferences. The majority of the users (50%) visit the library at least once a week, for the purpose of borrowing books (22%), doing assignments (20.33%), and self-study (14.14%). The most preferred resources for the nursing students were books and reference sources (almost 80%). Circulation, reference service and digital service were among the highly used services of the nursing students.



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