Social Tags of Selected Literature of William Shakespeare

A Comparative Study between Library Things Tags and OCLC Fast Subject Heading Lists


  • Ziaur Rahman Assistant Professor
  • Sanjukta Dutta, Miss Librarian


Tagging, Folksonomies, William Shakespeare, Social Tags, OCLC FAST, LibraryThing, Controlled Vocabulary, Information Retrieval, User Generated tags


Information has become the most powerful tools which keeps us updated and is necessary for modern existence. To cope up with the need of the information seekers, the process of searching, creation and location as well as dissemination of information is also evolving. On one hand flexible searching is preferred by the users and on the other hand controlled vocabulary is universally accepted standard. Tags constitute the core of the text with those terms which are usually not obtainable from controlled vocabulary. This study examines the similarities and dissimilarities between Library Thing tags and OCLC FAST subject heading list. For collecting the data, some of the popular literatures of William Shakespeare were selected. The analysis shows the numbers of tags in Library Things are more in comparison to the OCLC Fast subject headings and 92 percent of the tags were found relevant. The study also shows that ‘William Shakespeare’ is the focal point for all the data gathered, but on the other hand ‘Shakespeare’ is not a preferred term in OCLC FAST subject heading.

Author Biography

  • Sanjukta Dutta, Miss, Librarian

     Morning Bells Academy, 301/311, East Ghospara Road, Shyamnagar, Kolkata, 743 127West Bengal, India