- Benefits of evaluating electronic information sources for librarians and users in the research process

Challenges and Results


  • Evangelos Katafylis Department of Library, Archival & Information Studies, International Hellenic University


Online information sources, critical evaluation, benefits, information scientists, library users, reference, research process.


This paper introduces a conceptual understanding of online information sources evaluation and argues why these sources should be evaluated. The aim of this article is to present the benefits of evaluation of online sources for users, librarians, and libraries. The article first discusses the importance of critical evaluation regarding the technical upgrade of online sources. It then presents how the evaluation of online sources may help users to accomplish higher levels of knowledge, and improve their critical thinking skills when they locate information relevant to a specific research topic and have to decide what kind of information is needed. Lastly, regarding libraries, the implementation of evaluation may assist them with improving their electronic resources and services, and achieve success in fulfilling their goals and policies.