Library communication policy and ways to raise public awareness using new technologies


  • Eleni Maria Nisotaki


Academic library, communication policy, social media, user analysis, public awareness, Hellenic Mediterranean University (H.M.U.)


Nowadays in the era of the sovereignty of the new technologies, academic libraries are called upon to adapt to technological developments. Digital media have penetrated levels of operation and action even in communicating with their potential audience. As a result, libraries have the ability to use applications provided by new technologies on the internet that offer comprehensive communication suggestions and help with the design and implementation of their chosen cultural actions. Most of the academic libraries are non-profit organizations and serve the institutions they belong to. In order to increase their service to the society, a good communication policy with an anthropocentric management is required so as libraries can play an active role and act as social inclusion areas. In this thesis, the academic library of the Hellenic Mediterranean University (H.M.U) is studied and a primary research is conducted by using a structured questionnaire based on librarians’ tools and templates as Libqual of ARL, in order to identify the needs and aspirations of the users of the academic library of the H.M.U with supplementary questions related to new media communication practices. We will present the data aiming at a better communication policy in order to raise the user/reader’s awareness of using new technologies