A Quick Perusal of Scholarly Profile of Nobel Laureates in Chemistry Discipline based on h-Index (Hirsch Index) Using Scopus Database


  • Abhay Maurya Mizoram University. Department of Library and Information Science
  • Amit Kumar Mizoram University


Scholarly Communication, h-index, Citations, Nobel Laureates, Chemistry, Scopus, WoS, and Google Scholar


This paper uses the h-index for the perusal of the profile pictures of researchers who have been awarded the Noble Prize in Chemistry from 1901 till 2021. In the present study, the publication data of 49 Nobel Laureates in the Chemistry discipline has been analyzed where the citation data from the Scopus database is considered. The h-index has been preferred to the impact factor and other Scientometric metrics because of their selective coverage and the disadvantages that researchers publishing several papers face. The Scopus database has been preferred over Google Scholar and Web of Science (WoS) as the source of data for this particular study because it is more popular among researchers. The present paper is an attempt to examine the profile of Nobel Laureates in the Chemistry discipline since the inception of the awards till 2021 using the h-Index (Hirsch Index) using data available in the Scopus database. The study is unique in itself as to the best of our knowledge it is the first attempt at creating a profile of Nobel Laureates using the h-index in any discipline and the study will open the path for scholars to conduct further research in this particular area.