Use Analysis of Various LIS Open Access Resources in Pandemic Situation in Odisha State

A Survey Include LIS User’s Opinion


  • Shubhasmita Acharya Mizoram University
  • Lulu Rout Fakir Mohan University


Open access resources; LIS in Odisha; LIS repositories; LIS archive; Pandemic situation, LIS students.


This study explores the uses and awareness level about Open Access Resources (OARs) with regards to LIS by the students and research scholars of Library and Information Science all over the state Odisha, India. An online questionnaire method has been uses to collect the required data and then the collected data has been analysed for in depth analysis. Various Open access resources, Open Educational Resources (OERs), and Open Course Wares (OCWs) has been introduced in this study along with users’ awareness level towards these resources has been analysed. What are the major influencing factors which promote the students and researchers of Odisha to maximize the use of open access resources has also been highlighted in this study? Pearson’s correlation has been used to establish the relationship between the awareness and uses of the open access resources and what are the major sources through which users of Odisha came to know about open access resources? This study also highlighted the demotivating factors which make a barrier to use open access resources and what is users’ satisfaction level towards these various Open access resources, OERs and OCWs.