Collaboration and information literacy in Portuguese school libraries: a challenge for the future


  • Ana Novo Universidade Aberta/CIDEHUS-UÉ (UID/HIS/00057/2013)


Collaboration, Information Literacy, School Libraries, Teacher Librarians, Universidade Aberta, Portugal


 This paper is based on the analysis of the interviews conducted in 2006/07, as part of a PhD research, and on the work developed in teaching a Master course, at Universidade Aberta in the academic years 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 whose students are teacher librarians or belong to the school library team. One of the main conclusions of the PhD research was about the need for a real collaboration between teachers and teacher librarian, and not just coordination or cooperation, aiming at students’ school success and educational attainment as well as the development of their information literacy skills. Although all Master students of those three academic years agree on the benefits of true collaboration, they could only identify coordination and cooperation practices in their daily work.