Binding descriptions within a universal collective catalogue


  • Antonio Carpallo-Bautista Complutense University of Madrid
  • Esther Burgos-Bordonau Complutense University of Madrid


binding, automated cataloguing, union catalogue, content management tools, free software, binding computer-based cataloguing, research projects


From several years ago, at the University Complutense of Madrid, there is a research group working on an idea of developing a textual and graphic contents management tool capable of bringing together bibliographic descriptions of artistic bindings from various institutions, following the same descriptive format for all of them. Such development should be carried out within a free software environment by using PHP programming language, MySQL as database system, and finally including Dublin Core (DC) descriptive metadata. This Artistic Binding Union Catalogue (CCEA), worldwide pioneer, is being developed within the objectives of several research projects: Santander/ Complutense (2007-2008), Plan Nacional de I+D+I (2009-2011), Plan Nacional de I+D+I (2012-2014) and group BIBLIOPEGIA (research group on bindings and old books), and where some entities are also interested in participating such as, among others, the Spanish National Library, the Historical Library “Marqués de Vadecilla” (University Complutense of Madrid), the Cathedral of Toledo, the Regional Library of Castilla-La Mancha, the Historic Library of the City Council of Madrid, the Library of the Royal Academy of History and the Library of El Escorial.