Disseminating and Promoting Agriculture Information through Library and Information Services in Ghana


  • Richard Bruce Lamptey University Library, KNUST, Kumasi
  • Issaka Ali Sambo University Library, KNUST, Kumasi
  • Anna Adwoa Hassan University Library, KNUST, Kumasi


Library, Information Services, food insecurity, agriculture information, Web 2.0, ICT


Farmers in Ghana are expected to be given relevant information they need for high quality and quantity of food, cash crops and animal production required to meet nutritional demands by the growing Ghanaian population. Librarians and information workers should participate actively in disseminating agricultural information to farmers in Ghana using audio-visual materials, Web 2.0 tools and Information Communication Technologies. This paper looks into the role of information in boosting food and cash crop production in Ghana. It highlights the problems associated with information dissemination to farmers in the country. Better agricultural practice and high associated yields can, however, be realized in the country through the provision of relevant agricultural information to farmers. Librarians and information workers in the country should make useful agricultural information available, and on time via researchers, agricultural extension officers or direct to farmers; using emerging technologies as a way of contributing to improve on the current food insecurity. Agricultural librarians, researchers and extension officers can get useful information from the Internet and various databases on agriculture and make same available to farmers in the manner and languages they can understand for use in ensuring faster agricultural development.