Libraries Accessibility Project: Realities and Challenges at 15 Lisbon Municipality Libraries


  • Ana Novo Universidade Aberta / CIDEHUS-UÉ, Portugal
  • Margarida Fragoso CIAUD, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal


Accessibility, Libraries, Lisbon, Portugal


Libraries Accessibility Project was developed between September and December 2012 and used a qualitative approach to identify physical, communicational, equipment and personalized assistance accessibility conditions at 15 libraries in the municipality of Lisbon, Portugal. The main objectives were creating opportunities for improving the built environment; disseminating existing conditions in the libraries; informing the public about the available different accessibility conditions; distinguishing good practices aiming at coordinating efforts for a larger receptiveness towards accessibility. Triangulation of data collected indicates that accessibility conditions in all four domains are still not in place in most of Lisbon municipality libraries visited and analyzed.