Looking back to face the future: historical background of the national conferences on legal information and documentation in Brazil


  • Regina Celi de Sousa Information manager, Machado Meyer Advogados, São Paulo
  • Luciana Maria Napoleone Librarian, Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region, São Paulo


National Conferences of Librarians, Legal Information and Documentation, Brazil, History, Law librarians’ organization


Librarians’ national conferences and meetings are privileged local and time for knowledge dissemination and for organization of professionals. The work represents an effort to compile information about the national events on legal information and documentation in Brazil. The first event on legal information emerged within the National Congress of Librarianship in Brazil, with the meeting of law librarians present, resulting in the formation of a specialized committee, the CBDJ (Brazilian Commission on Legal Documentation). Three moments represented by three different series of events were identified. A final analysis highlights the roles and challenges of the events and the organization of Law librarians in Brazil.




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