The Mobile Phone for Algerian Breeders and Veterinarians

Between Evaluation and Improvement of Communication

  • Radia Bernaoui Lecturer, ENSV of Algiers, Algiers
  • Salim Kebab Master, ENSJSI of Algiers, Algiers


In Algeria, agriculture contributes about 10% of GDP and employs 10.8% of its labor force. On the other hand, it should be noted that the paradox for Algeria is that 95% of its revenue from hydrocarbons is used to feed the population and thus to consolidate its food security. For all these reasons, Algeria must take into account all aspects relating to the emergence of the agriculture and especially of the livestock sector. It is therefore a question of relaunching this sub-sector of agriculture on technical bases but it is mainly about the introduction of new technologies. Among these technologies, several studies have shown that ICTs, principally mobile phones, are those that can bring a high added value to a sector of activity, both technically and economically."
Indeed, the mobile phone is currently the most accessible tool in time and space to communicate better, like the mass media. We considered that the use of the mobile phone that offers a multitude of functionalities. Our research demonstrated the use of the mobile phone has effectively consolidated the relationship that existed between the breeders and the veterinarians and also, this tool related with economic development.

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