Intellectual capital, social capital and collective intelligence

concepts for a new approach of the “out of box" legal information

  • Luciana Maria Napoleone Librarian, Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region, São Paulo, SP,
  • Emília da Conceição Camargo Librarian, Unified Education Center, City Hall, São Paulo, SP
  • Emanoel Vitorino dos Santos Ocean Sciences student
  • Sônia Regina Céu Bertonazzi Librarian, Attorney general of the Municipality


An exploratory analysis with qualitative focus combines examples of "out of box" legal researches with theoretical references on intellectual capital, social capital and collective intelligence. The analysed data consists of real cases, sellected from an exploratory qualitative study, on January and February 2016, mainly from São Paulo city, Brazil. This investigation has identified: (1) intellectual capital, produced by librarians and researchers, as products of their surveys; (2) existing social capital among Law librarians, expressed by means of their information research and diffusion, articulated throughout social media, discussion lists and networking; (3) collective intelligence, indicated by mapping information sources and survey strategies by means of cooperation and sharing.

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